Eetcafé 't Gasthuis

The 17th century guesthouse of Alden Biesen
Discover 't Gasthuis
't Gasthuis serves the tastiest
Flemish and Belgian classics
The 17th century guesthouse of Alden Biesen has truly been reborn thanks to Martin's Rentmeesterij, the nearby hotel which has refurbished the nostalgic cafe and serves local beers and a menu full of classics from our region’s culinary history.
Kasteelstraat 8
3740 Bilzen
11:30 - 14:30
17:00 - 21:00
Closed on Tuesday
't Gasthuis - Menu
3-course menu for 28 €
by Chef Kevin Bonanno
't Gasthuis - Meet our Chef
All dishes are freshly made daily using quality ingredients and finished to perfection in the kitchen of 't Gasthuis.

Kevin Bonanno

Leading Chef of 't Gasthuis

't Gasthuis - Meet our Chef